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Marty Dread w/Andy Kushner of Extraordinary Ordinary People

Listen to a 75-minute conversation between Marty Dread and Andy Kushner, host of the "Extraordinary Ordinary People" podcast series. Published October 4, 2017.

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Being Hawaii's "Reggae Ambassador" is a title Marty Dread takes pretty seriously. The singer songwriter grew up on the island of Maui from the time he was eight years old, and always had a creative soul. In high school he was at a crossroads in life, when he thought he might want to pursue his aspiring career as a watercolor artist, after his mother. But a pinnacle moment unfolded that opened Marty's eyes to the power of music, and showed him just how influential this medium could be.

Marty Dread and Andy Kushner have a jovial chat about his long and accomplished songwriting and recording career. The two share stories about their most inspiring singers and performers like Stevie Wonder, Willie Nelson, Bob Marley, Michael McDonald, and others. You can also hear about how Marty writes lyrics centered on social issues and change, how he became the gateway for reggae artists to become mainstream on Maui, and even hear a few of his original songs performed live during the interview. Listen to it all right here.
Listen to Marty Dread w/Andy Kushner (75 minutes, link opens in a new tab/window)

The "Extraordinary Ordinary People" podcast series is available in all major podcast apps.

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