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Marty Dread's Music

Marty Dread's 2014 release, "Upcountry Boy," is his first album of cover songs and his first recording the old school way - with all the musicians in the same room, eye to eye, on the same vibe!

After 20 years of releasing new music, Marty says he cherishes the recording sessions for "Upcountry Boy" as some of the best days of his musical life.

"Upcountry Boy" is produced by George Fully Fullwood, a giant among bass players from Jamaica who has played an enormous, yet greatly overlooked, role in the development of Jamaican popular music.

Referring to "Upcountry Boy," Marty wrote in the liner notes, "I wish you to know the level of joy these songs have brought me over the years. May they bring YOU the same joy and more... Reinvented and Reggaefied!"

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